The Hill @ Damansara

12:45 AM

 When I first heard about The Hill, I thought about this TV series that was showing on MTV, called The Hills. The Hill is located up the hill at Damansara, don't exactly remember the name of the road, but it is somewhere near Jalan Dungun where Help University is located. They have jockeys that cost around RM10 to 15 depending on the time and day. 

As you can see, it is pretty crowded here. Let's take a tour around. Please excuse the blur pictures, I couldn't help it cause the people kept moving. I couldn't on the flash cause it might irritate these people that I do not know. 

 My friends and I saw this counter, we were thinking maybe they serve Japanese food here, but no idea since we only went to the Hill after 10pm. 

 This is recommended by the manager. Apparently a lot of people ordered this. Called Watermelon Slush if not mistaken (thanks Isabel for remembering the name) @ RM40.00. This can be shared by 2 people. Isabel and I shared this, quite a lot. You know what's fun? Eating the watermelon at the same time! :p

Connor's Stout

Australia Beer that is hard to find in Malaysia, around RM25 if i'm not mistaken. 

Upstairs there are more seats, also the design is different. It is more Bar like upstairs. I heard that upstairs used to be a club. 

 The sofa near the lamp looks really cozy, I don't mind chilling there at all. But they were having a private function upstairs. 

On the way to the washroom we passed by this place and decided to snap some pictures. I really like how they designed this place. 

Isabel! She's sooo cute!

For chilling and drinking, plus the environment, the service and everything, I'd give 8/10

The Hill
23, Lorong Dungun
Damansara Heights
Tel: 016-2291505

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