Almost got hit by a Lori

12:41 AM

I was driving on the road heading to Hartamas from the high way, going about 60 to 80km/h. 

Just driving like normal, since I'm on a straight road, when suddenly a Lori on my right jam brake and wanted to come into my lane. He(most likely) signaled left, and was about to come into my lane within a second and OMG it almost hit me! It's like how when you're driving quite fast when suddenly the car in front of you jams break and some people can't stand being slow or refused to stop, they will change lanes. 

If you want to change lane is fine, but look at the side mirrors made for a reason before you move la. Because of the Lori I jam brake as well and thankfully there were no cars behind me, also luckily the stupid Lori jam brake straight away after he saw my car. If the Lori did not stop and just came into my lane like an asshole, I don't think I'll be here posting this now. Therefore I thank God for saving my life today. 

In our everyday lives, there are a lot of small little good things that happen to us, but we may not take notice of.  We should always be thankful when these small little good things happen to us. So I am thanking God everyday for the small little things He does for me. 

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