Maybelline Falsies Mascara Review

10:39 PM

I bought this mascara quite a while ago, but I wanted to use it a few times first before I review it, for instance does it dry off, or is the texture different once the bottle has been opened. When I first saw this, I was curious if I could actually use this mascara and substitute with the REAL fake lashes. I saw make up artists from YouTube using it, and she says that she loves it, however she did not make it look like a fake lash. In fact in some videos she applied the fake lash, then applied the mascara, so I was misled a little thinking that this mascara was mainly for those who wears fake lashes. I did more research on it, and got my answer from Nuffnang's fiance's blog. It is supposed to replace the uncomfortable and trouble some fake eye lashes. 


My eye lash without anything, but I did curl it.

I applied four coats as I want that really long fake eye lashes kind of look. 

In this picture, it was the first few coats of the mascara without putting the brush back into the tube.

A few more coats after taking the brush out from the tube to get more of the product inside. 

3rd time pulling brush out from tube + a few more coats.

Can you see the difference? Can you see which eye is the one with mascara? Honestly it may not be obvious here, but when I look into the mirror it is more obvious than this. 

4th time pulling brush out of tube.

Lets compare with the Maybelline Magnun Volume Express.

The brush is slightly thinner compared to the Falsies.

My left eye, nothing on just curled up.

So this is how it looks after same number of applications as the Falsies for the Magnum. I noticed that I could not apply anymore as it started to feel heavy and rough.

The actual fake lashes.

Conclusion? The Maybelline Falsies is definitely not a replacement for the actual fake lashes, because no matter how many times you apply, it will never be as long as the fake lashes. If it did, it's possibly because your lashes are already naturally long. However, it would be a really good mascara if you are seeking for a gorgeous natural volume lashes. 

1. Softer texture and feel if compared to other Maybelline Mascara's.
2. Smudge Proof
3. No discomfort. not for me at least, as the Magnum has a little discomfort for me.
4. Long lasting and very waterproof. 

1. Difficult to remove

Rate: 3.5/5
Repurchase: Maybe, but i'd like to try out more mascaras in the market. :)

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