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Aww... look at them, so cute!

Nice to see, nice to pat, but when they need people to take care of them, many people refused. Because of that, we see this....


In Malaysia alone, there are so many stray dogs, so many that even your toes aren't enough to keep counting. Even so, no one would take in a stray dog because they are dirty, and because they are not breed dogs. A true dog lover would love all dogs regardless of what breed they are, and where they come from. 

Dogs are like babies, they still need to be taken care of. There are some dogs who are sick with diseases which need our help. God gave us hands, legs, and brains not only to help ourselves and others, but also other living beings. 

If you never had a chance to express your love to someone, use this opportunity to express to your own dog, by adopting one!

Who are the MIAR? Check out this video. http://www.switchup.tv/View.aspx?vid=8021&cid=1
Head over to Kajang and visit the Adoption Drive on Sunday, 11am to 3pm and take a look and adopt one for yourself! Adoption is FOC, if you wish to give something, you may donate rice for the dogs, or dog food, or whatever food you want for the dogs. :)

If you really can't adopt, please care to donate rice or food for the dogs.

*Show them love, the love that they never felt before.
*Share with them your home, take care of them like they've never been taken care before.
*Treat them well, so well that they will forget the abusive experience they once had. .

For more information regarding the location, please call either one of the four numbers above.

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