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If you are from outstation (where ever you are in Malaysia), looking for places to stay can be really stressful. Sometimes it is either the rental is too high, and places that provide lower cost rental may be too far for you to travel, especially if you rely and public transportation.

One of my friend rented a room from this lady who lives with her housemates in Bangsar, she charged them RM800 per person, just for a room. However the RM800 includes water, electric bill, and air-conditioner. But even so, for RM800 is very expensive even for me, what more to those who are from other states? After all the cost of living in other states are cheaper than in KL.

But recently I discovered a website called iBilikKL service apartments.

What is iBilik?
iBilik is Malaysia's No.1 and largest Rental website. They have over 100,000 listings which include Ampang, KL, Bangsar, Cheras, Setapak, Damansara and more.The rental cost is between low, average, and above average. They provide many rooms or whole houses for rental, and if you are here in Malaysia just for a few days for traveling purpose, to save cost I think this website is perfect in helping you find a place to stay temporarily. The choices from this website are wide, hence finding a place to rent would definitely be easier if compared to newspapers.

The website is user friendly, and you can even state your preference of a place you're looking for to stay. Such as maybe you prefer female Chinese, or male Malay, etc. For those who are looking for short term rentals, the cost is really affordable, with a variety of studio apartment, whole apartment, whole house and more. Short term rentals are perfect for tourists.

Once you found a suitable room/apartment to rent, just register yourself, and they will guide you from there.
So if you have a friend having trouble finding a place to stay? Share KL service apartments with them!

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