Eye Make-Up: Mermaid Blue

3:50 AM

Hello everyone! Hope everyone had a good week and a better week ahead. :) 

Sometimes when I'm free I would test out my eye shadows to practice my make-up skills, by mixing and matching colours to see how it'll turn out. To be honest, most of the time, the first trial looks quite bad, and usually only the second eye makeup would look better. 

So here is what I put together recently. The reason why I named it Mermaid blue, is because firstly it's Blue, duh, secondly the outcome of these mixed colours reminded me of fish tail. :P Hahaha... weird i know... but oh well. Hope you all like this eye make up. :)

A total of 5 colours were used to create this look.

Surprisingly, the eye make-up works with your hair tied up too. :)

PS: Purpose of these pictures taken is to show the eye make-up, which means there were no intentions to cam whoring. :p

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