Himalaya Anti-Hair Fall Shampoo

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I'm annoyed with myself because I previously took pictures of this product but now it is no where to be found! Therefore I had to take a picture from Google... :( 

I started using Himalaya products about 3 years ago and was consuming their herbal capsules then, After that I discovered their shampoo (old bottle design), and now this one! 

Himalaya Anti-Hair Fall Shampoo strengthens weakened hair and provides nourishment to roots. It improves hair texture and reduce hair fall due to breakage. Its innovative formula makes hair manageable and stronger. This shampoo can be used on permed or artificially coloured hair. It is suitable for all hair types. 

My Experience
The first time I used this shampoo i did not like it because it wasn't very conditioning when washing, which makes it difficult for me to mix it around my scalp and hair. But it did help with my hair fall, and I noticed the difference when i use this shampoo and other anti-hair fall pharmacy shampoos! 

I read from other reviews that this shampoo drained the moisture out of their hair. In the beginning it was like that for me too but i noticed as i kept using the shampoo with conditioner, my hair actually became much easier to manage as compared to before. Before this I had terrible tangles, but after using this shampoo for a few weeks my hair looks and feel better now. If you're suffering from hair fall and are on a tight budget, I strongly recommend this shampoo.

- Smells like herbs but in a good way
- Lessen hair fall
- Hair feels healthier
- Does not contain Sodium Laureth Sulfate
- Cleans my scalp well

- Slightly expensive (RM15 for the small bottle)
- Difficult to wash

I also discovered a way to wash my hair with this shampoo without wasting. 
- What I do is i pour half of 10 cents coin and lather it to foam on my palms first, and then apply it on my scalp till there's no more foam on my palm. Then i'll do the same thing again and put it all over my scalp. 
- Once my scalp is covered with the shampoo, i'll pour a little more, lather in to foam and apply on my hair and massage my scalp for 1 minute, then rinse off
- Repeat

*If you have long hair, you must ALWAYS use conditioner when you wash your hair.

Rate: 3.9/5
Repurchase: Yes

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