Lost another friend.. Rest in peace Benny Chin

11:45 AM

A friend of mine left this world on the 13th of October 2013. His death was caused by leukemia and although I knew he was sick, but I was still in shock when I found out about it. Reason being is because the last I spoke to him he was getting better, and heard from a friend that he was completely cured, but somehow the virus came back. I haven’t had much contact with him over the past few years but there were some small chats here and there to see how he was doing. 

The last time I spoke to him, I told him that I miss dancing with him, and that I started Salsa social dancing again. He told me to give him a call the next time I go, but after that conversation I did not go for social dancing as much due to various reasons.

Benny on his wedding day

I decided to blog about this because I noticed that when I expressed my thoughts and emotions on his Facebook wall, I felt like I could go on writing and writing, and yeah the post would end up looking like one long essay. Some people started blogging because it helps them release their emotions right? So here I am.

So how I met Benny? I first met him at the dance school I used to attend, and when the performance team was formed, not only did he and I grow closer as friends, but with the whole performance team. All of us would meet almost twice every week for dance practice and also our weekly Salsa classes, and after that we would go for supper. 

For some of us, we go social dancing every Friday night, sometimes Saturday night. Benny was really a good friend and helpful. There are times when he would pick me up and send me home before and after dance practices, or even giive me a lift for social dancing. He’s also the happy go lucky kind of guy, I often see a smile on his face.

On the dance floor, whenever I did some mistakes, he would coolly tell me my mistakes but ends it with laughter, well most of the time. I love to dance Bachata, and I enjoy dancing Bachata with him the most. There were times when I have personal problems I seek him for advice and he would listen. But of course, Benny has a somewhat cool-ish personality, sometimes it's just men's ego, but even so sometimes you can tell that he cares.

Since I left the performance team, I haven’t had much contact with the team mates due to some reasons. But I did notice that Benny was doing well in his dancing through the most popular medium, Facebook. I have to admit, that my regrets of not catching up with him is my own fault. Sometimes we take people for granted and I admit I did that, which is why when I wrote on his wall, I mentioned that it was pointless writing on his wall, because he’s not going to see it. What’s worse is that deep down I do want to thank him for the things he has done and helped me with in the past, but I lost that chance.

So appreciate the people around you, family, friends, or partners, because sudden incidents always happen and when it’s too late, it’s really too late.  

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