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Hello there! Welcome to www.josarine.com. A little abit about myself here, well I am a beauty and lifestyle blogger. I love love love make up and stuff although lately I've not been blogging much on beauty (except for events) due to my busy schedule since I started working. But I never stopped loving make up and skin care products! Whenever I discover something really awesome the first thing that comes to mind is "I have to share this on my blog!". Though it hasn't been as frequent as I have hoped, but I definitely will please be patient with me! 

Sometimes I would give a short and fast shout out via Instagram, so do follow me on Instagram for quick updates and shout outs when I discover something awesome to share with you all. :) (@josarine)

Other than beauty, I really love blogging about lifestyle. Lifestyle in terms of events or even my personal life. I really love going for events, raves, and more because I love meeting new people. Now since college I've been told that i've got this 'lansi' face but I am not okay! You can come talk to me anytime if you see me at any events, so do say hi to me... ! :)

I was recently approached and featured on Malay Mail, do read about that here:

and please share it on Facebook too. :)

Oh one more thing, my actual name is actually Joanna, the name Josarine came from a combination of my 3 names: Joanna Sara Catherine.

For advertorial, events, reviews, and more please contact me at joanna.cwm@gmail.com

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