Born this way by Suki, Shawn Lee, and Dennis Lau

8:58 PM

Hey guys,

I recently attended a Bosch Showcase, they were promoting their new sound system called Electro Voice-microphones and speakers. I will not get into details about the event till i get my pictures to show you! The showcase i would say was pretty good, but again back to the topic. :)
It was due to this showcase that i heard about Shawn Lee.

This is a cover of Born this way by Lady Gaga (though i don't fancy her, but this cover is good).

Suki Low - First Malaysian One in a Million Winner
Shawn Lee - International Beat Boxer
Dennis Lau - Violinist/Actor - Nasi Lemak 2.0 (I met him twice at events, he's a pretty decent guy).

Now the instruments used for this song is piano and violin only.
The beats that you hear are all from Shawn Lee, so check it out. :)

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