The Armanee Terrace @ Damansara Perdana

11:28 PM

The Armanee Terrace is a very uniquely designed place. For one, each of their main doors has a gate, just like a terrace house, but single story. The place is very nicely and uniquely built as it is different from the other condominiums that i have seen. 

I only managed to take pictures of the outside surroundings. 
There are 2 pool sides, both of the pool sides look exactly the same. The only difference is that only of them has a Cafe, and the lift to the lower ground parking. 
The pool side
Inside the room is a mini gym. Both of the pool sides have one mini gym.

The lepak place, there are a few at each side. 

Bbq? There are 2 here with 1 sink in the middle. There is also another 2 more few feet away. Similarly with the other side of the pool. 

Playground! :) 

The waiting lounge at the lobby. There are a total of 4 lounges if i'm not mistaken. But all 4 have a different decoration. 

Jacuzzi.... I like. :)

The Cafe which serves pretty decent food i would say. It is pretty affordable as well.

This is the main gym, which is near the guard house. 

The building

Shoplots, Convenient Store, Laundry, Hair Salon as well. 

Overall is a pretty nice place, a lot of people from overseas are currently living here. If you are interested, kindly visit


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