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I always walk pass this Irish Restaurant & Bar but never got the chance to check this place out. But my boyfriend and i used to say, "we should come here one day" but never did. Coincidentally, my friend had a surprised birthday celebration for her boyfriend here, so yippee! Get to try this place out.

 The Lovely Couple. Jennifer and the birthday boy, Jonathan.

 We were the only girls there, but we had a great time. :)

 The bar

 Check out the bottles... 


 Guinness Stout
Jenny says "the picture looks better with the beers."

 This is delicious! Called "Pan Fried Gaelic Steak". Better with it 'medium rare'. It is RM49.90, a little pricey actually. But if you're the type that would spend for food, then order this! The meat is nicely done, not too tough nor soft, and it is so yummy! It is seared 280g sirloin steak served with fries, peas, and creamy mushrooms. [8/10]

Beef Burger, around RM25+ if i'm not mistaken. It has a rich taste, and it tastes a little like Carbonara's beef bacon. For RM25 ish, i would say it is worth trying. [7/10]

 Irish Sausages on Colcannon and Guinness Onion Gravy, RM30.90. The sausage alone taste pretty decent, but if you eat it together with the mashed potato, it is awesome... where you experience the 5 seconds of 'emmm...' feeling. It is a grilled beef, chicken and lamb Provencal sausages. Served with onion gravy and salad or colcannon (mashed potatoes with cabbage and spring onion). [7/10]

 The guys.... 

 Happy birthday Jon!

So sweet... :)

Overall, this place is pretty decent for hangout. It is not those kind of chillax bars where you can just sit, drink, chat and relax. Well because the music that they play are pretty club-ish, and loud. But it is not the kind of place where you should dance as well, but if you want to no one will stop you i suppose. I would come again, on special occasions probably. I would give this bar restaurant a 7/10.


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