Social Night!

5:47 AM

The Communications Department held a Social Night for Communication students to socialize, meet new people, and catch up with their old buddies, by the student council.

Over all the event was simple but FUN. This time i would say that the lecturers entertained us instead of the other way round. Besides that, i am glad i attended the event because i managed to catch up with my dear friends and lectuers: Reshma, Vanesa, Benji Moh, Shereen, Kamlesh, Harris, Ms. Melissa, and more.

*Sorry about the blurriness in some pictures, i had to super zoom, and i had forgotten to do some settings to the camera. But none the less, enjoy. :)

 So gonna miss Uni. :(

 Lol, they caught me snapping pictures, and was ready to pose. 

 Outgoing Kamlesh

 Sweet and pretty Vanesa.

 One of my favourite lecturer, Ms. Melissa, and the dear Head of Department, Ms. Ajinder.

 Dear Shereen. 

I love your hair Karmun!

 The first impression game. People will randomly be selected to up on stage and talk about their first impression on someone. 
Super cute Harris!

 Dance performance of the day. Bachata and Zouk. Brings back memories when i used to dance Bachata.

 Karmun was being serenade. She had no idea what or how to respond to him.

Love her voice! She has a beautiful voice. Her band was awesome as well. 

Check out the lecturers!

and the intro of the bachata

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