Tresemme Deep Cleansing Shampoo Review (UPDATED)

11:06 PM

TRESemme Shampoos are known to be Salon like, but more affordable. A bottle of 500ml cost about RM17.90 if i'm not mistaken (around there).

The back of the bottle states:

Our Philosophy
From our origins in salons, we have always been driven by a simple truth: every woman deserves to look fabulous without spending a fortune. TRESemme is dedicated to creating hair care and styling products that are salon quality without the salon price. Salon inspired, stylist tested products to help you create your own style and experience that salon feeling everyday.

This Product
Professional quality formula clarifies hair to remove build up residues restoring your hair's natural vitality. This Vitamin C formula, gentle enough for daily use, deeply purifies to give that salon fresh feeling.

My Story
My scalp is the type that needs to be washed daily. If i wash my hair at night, the next morning when i wake up, i have to wash them again. If i do not wash them, it'll get oily by mid day. Previously I was using Shampoo A, it did great to my scalp as it really did clean my scalp. However disadvantage was that it got my hair pretty dry and tangled, especially the ends. I had to use more conditioner than usual. So this is how i decided to try TRESemme.

My Experience with TRESemme
This shampoo is gel based, and foamy. The first time i washed my hair with TRESemme it felt awesome! My hair smelled so good that I did not bother using perfume, and it felt smooth. The shampoo untangles your hair while washing too! Like I have mentioned, the previous shampoo caused my dryness and tangled even when i wash. However with TRESemme, the foam of the shampoo actually untangled my hair for me, and made it smooth. BUT of course once you rinse the shampoo off it won't be as smooth, this is why the conditioner comes in next. Because the shampoo contains Vitamin C, i notice my hair fall has lessen as well.

To conclude:
Upside - Smells great, smooth touch, comfort while washing, and it gave my hair back the moisture.
Downside - It gently cleans your scalp, so you have use a proper amount of shampoo, and gentle finger rub to clean your scalp.

So over all: 8/10

Yes I would, because it works for me.

After I used up to almost 2nd bottle of this shampoo, I realise a few things.
1. My scalp gotten dry, dandruff.
2. My hair feels dry after wash, or when i comb.
3. Need to use more conditioner and other hair products

This is my experience after using the shampoo for a few months. I would only recommend this shampoo for those who have very oily scalp and HAIR. If not maybe this shampoo is not suitable for every day wash. You may use this shampoo three times a week perhaps?

My new recommendation is 6/10 now, because no matter what I have to wash my hair daily. I couldn't do so with this shampoo. :(

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  1. nice review here. Thank you for dropping by my blog! Much appreciated XD

  2. Where can i buy it in singapore ?

    1. You may check out at pharmacies... they are available at most pharmacies in Malaysia. Try Watsons. :)


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