Food and Place Review: Mezze @ Damansara Heights

2:57 AM

 Seen this place?

I used to work around this area, i study nearby, but i have never seen this bistro till that very day. 

There are 2 floors, the downstairs is where they serve food and drinks, plus the bar.

Where as the upstairs, other than serving food and drinks, they have live band performances! 

The table seat at the balcony, also near the jamming area. 

 Check out the wine collections! PS: Behind is a mirror. 

 The bar upstairs. 

Of course i did not come here just to take pictures of this place and blog about it. It was my dear friend Jennifer's birthday. :)
Happy birthday babe! :)

L-R: Sex on the Beach, Mojito, Long Island Tea 

 Hope you had an awesome birthday babe!:)

They have promotions for the drinks every Saturday where you can get 2 cocktails at RM25+ each! I would want to come here again for their cocktails. :) The food, according to my friends, they were good. As for me i did not really try the food other than the Mezze Caesar Salad. Do not order their Caesar Salad cause you pay RM16, but it is pretty little, not worth the money. As for others, such as steaks, burgers and pastas are pretty good. 

Rate: 7/10 

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