Skin Food Eye Shadow Review

12:56 AM

Firstly, i would like to thank Jonathan Chong for this birthday gift. Though you bought this for me a while ago, but it is now that i decided to try it out and do a review on it.

We can't expect much from eye shadows, whether we pay a lot more or less, because sometimes we are just paying for the brand. But then again, i have not tried many types of eye shadows to comment on that. But based on the eye shadows among the drug store brands such as Maybelline, Revlon, etc... and with brands such as Face Shop, Body Shop, and this very own Skin Food, i believe the brand plays a big role for the price. 

I do not know how much this cost because it was a gift. :) But no harm heading to any Skin Food to check the price out. :)

About the Product
This is the shimmery type of eye shadow, comes in 3 colours, Grey, Black, and Pink. The package is a cute solid box that comes with mirror, a plastic cover, and also the brush sponge applicator. 

My Experience
Personally from experience, i believe that the tools that we use, such as eye shadow brush, or the brush sponge, or even our fingers, play a role in how the outcome will look like. Other than that, it would also affect the process of applying. For instance, the other day i applied the make up with the eye shadow sponge provided, and there were some dust/smudges under my eye. I also noticed while applying some of the eye shadow, the dust went inside my eye. I could literally see them on my iris. But the great news was that it did not irritate my eye! I guess that's the one good quality of this product. 

The outcome

The obviousness of the eye shadow depends on the colour of the eye shadow. Therefore, because this eye shadow is Pink, the colour is not as obvious or sharp as the colours of Red, Green, etc...
But overall, i guess it is not bad. If you are looking for something more bright and attention grabbing, then this would not be suitable. But you want something simple and neat, this would be suitable. 

Rating: 6/10

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