2012 New Year Resolutions

4:22 PM

I  have been really bored lately since I've been home most of the time because of Semester Break. Of course i do go out, but even so, it can be boring if there's no specific event. Therefore, now that 2011 is coming to an end, I will like to make some changes in my life, hence the list!

1. Change my sleeping habits back to normal, if I don't, I might die early, cause indirectly I have not slept for many days, since sleep can't be replaced if you missed one day from 10pm to 6am. 

2. Continue with my Yoga consistently, been doing yoga at home, and hope to improve. 

3. Dance weekly, to lose those FATS!

4. Be more considerate of others, as much as I want to, I tend to accidentally forget about this, but I hope I remember most of the time.

5. Pray Daily

6. Do Charity, I often ignore those couples where one of them is blind and selling tissue, which I think I shouldn't. Even if they are not really blind, at least you know you've done your part in giving. Besides this, maybe go for church trips to visit the homes.

7. Lose Weight, I've been trying and trying to lose weight, but my will power is just so weak when I see delicious food! But I will try my best to control, like how I controlled my eating at the age of 14. 

8. Consistently update my blog, gotta keep the blog going and active!

9. Make up with old friends/enemies, it is time to ask for forgiveness from old friends,  just make peace with one another. 

As for now, I think that's about it. 

Happy New Year 2012 to everyone! May your resolutions make life interesting for you. :)

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  1. ooo last two are the best ones.! PRINT SCREEN. next year end i check up on u

  2. I agree with your point of doing charity! People always say that we will get cheated if giving money to them but if they really wanna cheat, it's their fault... At least, I have the heart and willingness to help them and that is considered as a part of small charity :) HAPPY NEW YEAR!


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