Bedroom @ Pavilion

1:03 AM

Bedroom is located near the Cinema in Pavilion. From what i see, it is a restaurant/bar, i wouldn't call it a club, however there is a small dance floor near where the DJ does its spinning. Unfortunately, it is not a suitable place for chill outs, because the music is really loud, like a club which makes it difficult to have a chat. I really do not know what to call this place, but i guess they are trying to mix all 3 together, a restaurant, a bar, and a club. 

It was my friend's birthday! Mr. Will Beale! Thank God my camera could capture the effect of the flame on the Flaming Lamborghini. 

We ordered 2 bottles of whiskey, and a bottle of wine was opened, shared among around 20+ people.
I'm not sure about them, but i am not a big drinker, and some of them didn't drink, but even so, 2 bottles weren't enough for all of us. But later on Ms. Fydah bought us all 3 jugs of beers. Thank you so much dear! :)  

DJs Spinning.

Just a quick view of the place that i managed to capture. They have lighting effects. 

Rating: 6/10

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