A Gecko Night to Remember

6:00 PM

On the 17 of December, Help University Department of Communications held a 'prom' like event, except that instead being held at a ballroom with fancy long gowns, it was a more chillax but fancy event. The dress code for the event was Smart Casual, but as usual being women, we wore something a little more than smart casual. The girls came dressed up with pretty dresses, heels, while some wore fancy flats. Guys as usual, would wear their collar Ts and jeans.

This place is not as big as i thought it would be, in fact it was kinda small for us all, since many attended the event. But thankfully there were tables and seats outside, and most of them didnt mind sitting outside cause some of them smoke, and enjoy fresh air.

The bar. We are allowed to redeem a free cocktail! Unlike most free cocktails, this one was THICK. So i was pretty satisfied with it. :)

The food was AWESOME! Well done! Unfortunately when the food was ready to be served there was a long queue, i did not manage to take pictures of the food. 

I managed to snap a few pictures of my dear friends.

 Vanesa, committee member of the Bcomm Student Council. Looking as pretty as ever even without make up.

Jeremy Choi, some of you may know him as a photographer(rice photo).
Will Beale, from Australia, head of MMS (Multimedia Society), who also performed on that night. 
Haris! Cute as ever! Hahaha... 

 Shereen looking stunningly hot. :)

 Chloe, Sue May, and I

 Me likey this picture. :p

Reshma and I, known her since the beginning of semester. :)

Speech by our Head of Department, Ms. Ajinder!

The first performance of the night was by Chloe and Will Beale.

There was a small game, where the guys have to dance their way to win the latest FHM Calender of 2012!
Check out the videos. 
Sorry it is a little dark, but it still can be seen, if i brighten it it's gonna blur out.

And the award goes to.......
Most Athletic

Best Hair

Most likely to fall asleep in class

Most likely to become a millionaire. 

Highest CGPA, Year 2.

Most Active Society, MMS. He also won for best looking Guy in Bcomm. 

Best Film

The siblings who sang for the night, 3 of them sung really well! The guy sounded a little like Josh Groban

Near the end of our party, there was a dance performance, if i'm not mistaken, they are year 1 of Bcomm. So check them out. :) I had to brighten this video because it was REALLY dark, and that caused the video to blur a little. 

So this was our Gecko Night, and i am thankful to Shereen for persuading me to go, cause if i didn't, i would have regretted it, furthermore knowing it is my last year, and most of my friends are graduating. :)

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  1. HAHAHA~ I was one of the dancers, da green colour bboy~ N I'm from foundation, 2011 march intake, not year 1 Bcomm... baaahahaha!!! ^^

  2. Hahaha what a coincidence that you saw this post. Sorry someone told me you're from year 1. So yeah. :)


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