Make Up Styles: Sparkling Green

2:53 AM

So I sometimes like to put make up just to see what kind of colours would look nice together, even when I'm not going out. LOL
But this way would be easier for me in future when I wanna go out. Trial and error, at least then I'll have more options to choose from. 
I used Miss Rose for this style, using Green because I always neglect Green. I personally am not a fan of Green, and honestly not that i don't fancy green, is that i dislike green. He he sorry to Green Lovers. 

This style may look kinda bright or maybe too much right now, but when you go for clubbing and stuff it isn't as obvious. Furthermore when you take pictures, it'll look just nice. In my picture it looks a little too bright because it is a close up shot. But when you snap pics with your girlfriends, it will look just right. 

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