The Meaning of Christmas

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I'm not sure if you notice, but it seems to me that Christmas has become one of the marketing schemes other than Valentines Day. Maybe because it requires us to buy gifts? Buying presents every year for our family and friends have become a routine, than giving from the heart. From what i believe, the reason why we give presents on Christmas Day is because we should practice 'giving'. Not all, but most of us are often 'taking' in the 364 days a year, and only 1 day, Christmas day, we should be giving. Correct me if i'm wrong, but this is what i understand about Christmas.

Besides the presents, the cause of this occasion or season, is by Jesus Christ. It is because he was on born on 25 December (not exactly, but this date was chosen), we are re-celebrating the day he was born  every year to remind ourselves the greatness of God giving his son to us to save our souls. Unfortunately, not many of us remember Christmas or practice the celebration of Christmas that way. Some people may say, "yeah i know christmas is the day Jesus was born(full stop)". But by actions, they just continue living their worldly lives, doing things that make THEM happy.

For this Christmas, I prayed for those who have no family to celebrate Christmas with due to their reasons. But for those who have, they look forward to or rather go out drinking with their friends. For me, Christmas is a celebration that should be done as a family. We may have open house to invite our friends, but as long we remember and not neglect our family members who are there.

This year, just like previous years (kind of a tradition) Christmas was celebrated at my house, cause usually is at my aunt's house. But i was excited about them coming, not for the presents, but for the gathering. We may not be very close with our family members, so on and so forth. But the part where they will be celebrating christmas with us as a family is all i need.

We had delicious dinner! Lasagne, Chicken Rendang, Mashed Potato, and Roasted Pork!

The Lasagne is AWESOME! It is the best i've ever tasted! No I'm freaking serious! Out of all the Lasagne i've tasted in restaurants, none of them beat this. Made by my mum! Of course she has some help from my boyfriend, my sister, and yours truly. But the timing, measurements, etc... my mum.

Mashed Potato! I helped with the mashing, James helped with the cutting. Heee... but the boiling and all, my mum. The sauce for the mash is AWESOME! Made by my mum again! Haha!

 Roasted pork! Made by my aunt, it was delicious!
 This is the Chicken Rendang, sorry for the blur picture, anyhow this was awesome too! It is tasty! LOVE IT! Further more we did not have rice, eating this alone without bread or rice, still awesome!
 So yeah this was my dinner for the night, and i am very satisfied, and truly thankful for those who took their time to cook.
 Christmas tree with Pressiesssss!
 My cousins! They are Chindian.
 Hungry people, getting ready to eat.

 Praying before our meals. I know... why am i taking picture while praying? Haha! I quickly snap the pics and joined in prayer.

 My mum is distributing the presents out by reading our names, and from who. We do this every year, since i was a kid. It used to be read by my grandmother, but since she was not well, and passed, my mum took over. :(
 My brother.

 He's opening the pressie from 3 of us!
 3 of our presents combined!
Mineeee... all mineee... HA HA HA...

After distributing the presents, we prayed a decade of Rosary together, and sang a few Christmas Carols, such as O'Holy Night, Feliz Navided, Silent Night, Joy to the World, We wish you a Merry Christmas, and some i do not know.

That was the last thing we did together, and they had to head home cause it was passed 11pm. After that my sister, James and i went to my room and unwrapped our presents together.

I hope everyone had a wonderful christmas, because i know i did. :)
For those who felt they had the worst day ever, or not satisfied with their celebration, remember the purpose of the celebration. If you feel lonely, remember that God is always listening, all you need to do is speak to Him.

God Bless You All!

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