REVLON Custom Eyes Eyeshadow Review

12:30 AM

There are so many varieties of eye shadows in the market that it can be pretty difficult to just pick one if you know what i mean. Doesn't mean that if it is from a trusted brand means that it's good, or reaches your expectation. We can even get a good affordable one from a drug store as well.

I got this eye shadow when i was shopping for my birthday outing, i did not have many eye shadows back then, so shopping for one was not easy. I did my research on GOOGLE, but there are just SO MANY brands. If i were to really sit and research for the perfect eye shadow, gosh it'll take me forever. Because at the end of the day is whether YOU like the eye shadow or not, and the information we find online are just opinions of others.

Without being bias, here's what REVLON Custom Eyes is like. I got the Dark Blue-ish range.

Comes with 2 sizes of eye shadow brush pad. The black is just a basic black without any glitters or shimmers. The Dark Blue is a very thick colour with some shimmers, as the picture shows. The white is a powdery white with a little shimmer in it as well, however it is not so obvious once you apply and spread them out. The Blue is between the Black and Dark Blue, it has a little of the shimmers, but once applied it looks plain like the Black colour, of course unless you apply a lot, and make it look thick. Last but not least, the Cream Blue, which is similar to the white, has shimmers, just not so obvious once applied and spread out.

From the picture on the left, you can't really see the shimmers, well because it is really mild. I think this is good enough for the Smokey Eyes that i was trying to do.

I wore this eye shadow on my birthday some where this year, it lasted for more than 6 hours. In the 6 hours i was at Laundry @ Curve, my girl friend and i danced the whole night, and perspired so much! When i got home, the make up was still there. But then again i also applied the Primer before applying the eye shadow, that probably helped a bit.

I can't remember how much i bought this eye shadow for, but it was definitely roughly around RM40 something.

Rating: 7/10 

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