2011 New Year Eve @ Jaya 1

11:29 PM

Hey guys, bet you all had an Awesome New Year Eve for our last day or 2011. Awesome does not mean have to be partying and getting drunk, etc... but whatever that makes your eve feels awesome!

For New Year's Eve, my friends and I headed to Jaya 1. We were trying to avoid super jammed areas like KL, or One U, Curve, so Jaya 1 was the most chillax option. :)

I first met up with my Australian friends, Chloe and Will, and we headed to Kissaten for dinner.

 There are a total of 2 floors, the ground floor is the entrance, so you gotta walk up the stairs to the first floor. The first floor is indoor, with air cond, and most of the waiters, and probably the chefs are located there as well. We went to the rooftop, because we want the fresh air, and I kind of like the rooftop as well. Thanks you Will and Chloe for introducing this place! 

I didn't drink here, but here's just a summary of their price list.

My pretty and good looking Australia friends. :)

Kiwi Drink

Mango Drink

 We ordered 2 pizzas, one is Char Siew Pizza, and the other is Garlic and Mushroom. They are both AWESOME! It is so delicious, while blogging now I actually feel like eating them again. (Char Siew at the top, Garlic Mushroom the bottom)


After dinner, we headed downstairs and started looking around choose bars to go to, BUT most of them were packed with people already, while some made reservation, so we ended up at this bar called Bar Madrid.

Here we ordered a bucket of Heineken, RM60++ for 6 Bottles. When we divided it was about RM12 each, so it's pretty okay. For Tiger Beer is slightly cheaper, RM50++. We randomly took some pictures of our celebration, nothing big, but what matters was that we had a chillax and random conversations which made the night special.

 Check out the crowd in Jaya 1 on that night, there was live band performance as well.

Happy New Year 2012!!!! Wooooooo! Sorry for the blur cause the crowd was moving! 

 Happy New Year to all! Recommendation of this place is 5/10. Why? Firstly because the food here is super expensive. You know how when we drink we tend to feel hungry after a while, or sometimes we just want to snack. But a plate of fries is RM15, the wedges is RM30 according to the menu. So yeah, for drinks is alright, but food, too expensive for me. Just an overview of how this place looks.

The night is still young people! After that we headed back to Chloe and Will's place for supper. We bought McDonalds and some beers from KK-Mart.

 On the way walking to the car, we saw this group of people dancing to oldies, i think should be the 60's or 70's. You know what's funny? When I was thinking the picture, there was this Indian dude waving and posing, Hahah! But I didn't want to snap with him there so I moved the cam away, then he went away.


 This so Ronia (Not sure if i spelled her name correctly) She is the most adorable thing I've ever seen. She is so lovable. Super friendly and super adorable. Her fur is very smooth, and she eats tissues! Whenever we made like paper bag noises, she would run towards us cause she thinks there's food. I fed her some fries, such a cutie pie. I fell in love with her on the night of new years, and I missed her since then. But I went to see her today. (Monday, 2nd Jan)

 They served us this cake from Italy, according to their mum, delicious! Has a very unique taste.
So we stayed on and chatted till about 4am, and we left. Happy New Year again!

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  1. wow, your Aus friends look gorgeous..xP so do u !! ^^ Happy New year!

  2. Hi Eunice, thanks! Yeah my Aussie friend is really pretty. :)

  3. it looks so fun and awesome! Glad that you have amazing new year! :D

  4. Thanks Stella, hope you had an amazing new year too! :)


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