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Just in case you did not know, The Apartment and Malones are actually owned by the same company. How I know about this is because when I was at Malones the other time, when they gave us the menu, The Apartment menu was given as well. Another funny thing is when my friend, Jennifer and I went to The Apartment we recognized the waiter there. That waiter was serving us at Malones previously.

 It'll be really comfortable to sit on the bed here, I will sit here next visit. Haha. :p

 I'm guessing the concept of this idea is to make us feel like we are at home, hence the decorations of the shower/bathroom, kitchen counters, beds, and so on. Other than that, these decorations do make the restaurant look a little more interesting than typical ones. These 2 pictures shows a 2 table seats upstairs.

Good news! They have lunch promotions! From RM12.90 to RM29.90, which I think it is really worth it. When I looked at their menu to see anything else other than the lunch promotions, gosh they are so expensive! This is really worth it, and it comes with Soup/Salad, and drinks (Ice Tea, Hot Tea, Lemon Tea...etc cant remember all). 

I like how they served the tea, in a pot. I also like how I can just refill myself from the pot. Another thing that I like is the sugar cubes! They are so cute.

 The Appetizers. Salad and Soup. (I got the Salad, Jen got the soup)
The salad tasted pretty average, but it is not like the usual Garden Salad, this one tasted kinda different, It was a little oily. I didn't love it, but it is edible. The soup from Jennifer's point of view was a little too salty, it was fish soup. 
Salad - 5/10
Soup - 5/10

The Main Course

Jennifer and I ordered the same, The Apartment's Chicken Chop @ RM16.90, but after tax is RM20.
The chicken is average, nothing special. But I actually expected my Chicken Chop to be grilled, and Jennifer thought this was Maryland Chicken Chop. But overall it is not too bad.

Rating: 6.5/10

Rating for The Apartment: 7/10

They have quite a number of wines there, if you enjoy wine drinking, can check out their wine selections. 

Other than that, this picture is taken for own viewing pleasure. :p

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  1. I went there before too! I like their sittings. especially the bed! haha coz after eating, will feel like sleeping! =X LOL

  2. @henry - haha yeah!! And also can sit up cross legs and chat... like your own bed.

  3. wah u sit cross leg wan ar? so macho.

    anyway, i like sugar cubes too!

  4. @ben - of course i do!! Of course not when wearing skirt la... yeah im super macho... :p

  5. nice place.. but they actually do have more signature dish right?

  6. @nikel - Im not sure, i only tried their lunch promo, the rest are pretty expensive... :p But i guess they do....


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