Bad Ass Coffee @ Tropicana City Mall

9:16 PM

 I've heard about Starbucks, Coffee Beans, and Glory Jeans. Now another coffee house in Malaysia, Bad Ass Coffee. For the record, the donkey is really cute! One thing that makes Bad Ass different from the rest is that they have food, such as meals like burgers, pastas, etc, instead of just snacks like cakes and sandwiches.

Tuna Sandwich @ RM9.90, NO TAX! Comes with chips and coffee. They have a few types of bread to choose from, something like Subway. They also have egg sandwich, salmon, and duck. For salmon and duck is slightly more expensive, RM13.90.

Their burger is really good, RM13.90. But on weekdays they have a set for this burger, comes with coffee and dessert (doughnut). Their coffee is not bad too, I would come here again. 

Rating: 7/10

Bad Ass Coffee is on G Floor, near Pasta Zanmai. 

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  1. the last picture's slogan really makes me LOL...

  2. i've not stepped in here for some time but i the previous few visits has been good. not tried the food except for desserts. so perhaps soon i can include this for my main meals places to visit.

  3. @Anne - hahha so cute right?

    @missy - yeah try the burger! :)

  4. not bad ehh! the burger ... the sandwiches toasted so evenly brown! must be very crispy!

  5. @eunice - if u ever visit here, try the burger. :)


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