Biore Cleansing Oil in Cotton Pad Review

4:54 PM

It is 8 in the morning, and it is a working day. I feel so tired and lazy to get off of my bed. Anyhow I have to force myself up, with my eyes half opened, take my towel and head to the showers. In the shower even while shampooing my hair, my eyes are still half opened. This feels like the worst morning I've ever felt in so long.

After coming out from the shower, I put my clothes on, and walked to my dressing table. "Gosh, I look like shit", is what I thought to myself. I don't mind putting make up, but I really dislike removing them, especially mascara.  

Anyhow for the sake of work, just do it.

After work, got home, ate, and ready to shower and hit the sack. But oh wait! I have to remove my make up... zzz... feel so lazy, but oh well.

Have you ever felt this way? Well I did! In fact MANY TIMES! Yes especially with Mascaras! They are the toughest to remove especially if it is waterproof. But guess what? This problem is solved! Because I have found a make up remover to make my life easier!

Biore Cleansing Oil in Cotton Pad! Check out my review from this video, see how fast it cleans my whole 
face. :)

Over all Review
- It is fast and neat
- With other liquid make up removers, I have to take my contact lense out first because they often go into my eyes. But with this wipe, I can remove my make up without going blind. 
- It does not smudge when I wipe
- 1 sheet is enough for my whole face which consists of eyeshadows, eye liner, mascara, blusher, BB Cream, face powder, lip stick. 
- There is a lil small problem, which is the scent, they don't smell as nice. 

Rate: 9/10

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