Canoodling @ Bangsar Village 2

2:47 PM

Another outing again with a bunch of friends which I love! They are awesome people, fun to be with and most importantly, they are good friends. :) 

Canoodling! Eat noodles and draw! Or while waiting for food draw! Lol.

She one of the cutest person I've ever met. 

Lets draw....!

 Can you guess who this is? 

 Isabel! Sorry rarely draw... so yeah it doesnt look like her lol. 

Salad, not sure which one, but it was recommended by the waiter, the sauce is nice, rate 6/10

 Dan dan Mien I think... hahaha 

Pad Thai Pasta, not bad, I rate this 7/10

This is Duck Noodles, forgot exact name, smells like Bak Ku Teh. 

Our Masterpiece. 

Failed Homer Simpson. 

So that's about it, the food is pretty decent, service is good, cause the waiters are polite, and I love the part where we get to draw. 

Rate: 6.8/10

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