Chili's @ Mid Valley

8:58 PM

I know that Chili's have been around for a really long time. But there are so many food on the menu, and they aren't exactly very affordable, therefore I rarely go to Chili's. I know most of you have been to Chili's, but for those who hardly go, or not sure what's good there, I've got some recommendations here. :)

Before I begin, I would like to describe the environment in Mid Valley comparing with other outlets. So far I think the MV's Chili's is the most spacious outlet. I have not been to the one in 1U, but judging from outside, it looked kind of small. I think the one in BSC is kind of small as well, unless they renovated. 

I I came here with some friends the other night for dinner, because it was one of my bf's friend farewell. He's leaving back to Japan. 

 Monterey Chicken @RM27.95 - I ordered this one, and it was good. It can be quite filling cause of the cheese and the bbq sauce, but it's pretty good. I ate half of the chicken, and I was full already, so I packed the rest home. The mash potato sauce is yummy too, but I feel that the mash was just alright. The vegetables was a little tough, but edible. (8/10)

 Country Fried Chicken @ RM26.95 - The chicken tasted somewhat like KFC, something like Zinger Burger. I like this too because it is simple, and it comes with Garlic Bread. (7/10)

Grilled Chicken Sandwich @ RM20.95 - My boyfriend ordered this, at first he thought it's going to look like a sandwich, but for Chili's this is a sandwich. Looks pretty good when I first saw it. The meat is soft and easy to eat. Have a closer look of the Sandwich. (7/10)

Fajitas Mushroom Jack @ RM39.95 - Comes with the 4 ice cream like scoops below. I personally don't really enjoy mushrooms, but this one was slightly better than usual. For me, this dish tasted like westernized grilled chicken in a Chinese dish cooking style.  (6.5/10)

 Bottomless Nachos @ Only RM8+, actually I'm not so sure of the price, but my friend told me around RM7 to 10. :) So free re-fill! Suitable for those who wants to snack while drinking beer, or any other alcohol. (9/10)

(10/10)... Hahaha just kidding, I didn't order any of their cocktails. :p

 Jessie and Jason

 Kurt, James, and I

Bye bye Kurt, it was fun to see you again! Haha... funny guy, posing for the camera.

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