Chinese New Year 2012 - Day 2

11:21 PM

So day 2, my friends and I headed to Benji Chan's place for open house. Met some new people there, and got to know them a little. You know how sometimes when we go for parties people would just hang among their own groups? This time was different, this time we sat together at the same table and just chatted and had fun together, they were really friendly. :)

At first when we got there, others have not reached yet other than Harris. Since no one was here yet... and we were quite free... so cam whore time. Haha. 

This is Harris, he is sooo cute! 
After that we went up to Ben's room to see his Sugar Gliders, my first experience with them, they are soo adorable! They poop and pee on people's hand quite often. 

Check out the video i took of them. :)

The rest of the night we just snacked, had many cans of beer, chatted and laughed whole night. 

The night started with this...

They are friends of Ben and Nelson, felt kind of bad drinking beer in front of them, but they are cool. 
My friend since our teen years, surprisingly he didn't drink that night. 

Later on we went out for fresh air, and had some fun. 

Walking back to the house...

Denise is soooo cute and funny that night. :p

Night ended with this, and a few lot more actually, some of us threw our cans in the dustbin before this.

So yeap that was it! Happy CNY again! :) 

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