Chinese New Year 2012 - Day 3

10:19 PM

On the third day, James and I went to his friend's gf open house, Jessie. :)
We played cards, and lou yee sang, had a yummy dinner, a glass of white wine, and black label. Of course we also took loads of pictures... :p

Jessie showing her mum's friend the pictures of her sister wedding. Her sister just got married btw! And on the night itself, they had to catch a plane back to Australia. 

I have no idea how to play mah jong. Oops... seems like 2 people noticed I was holding a camera. Strange, I thought girls are usually the ones that are ready and set for the camera?

The girl in white tube is the sister who just got married. :)

BIG 2!

The boy has really really big and pretty eyes. He's so cute. When I was playing black jack he sat next to me and just stared at us play, not knowing who's winning or losing. I think that is his grandpa? He's a very nice and cute man. Hahaha...

Still playing...

Time to Lou Yee Sang! I think Rowen brought them, yay got Salmon!


Everyone got their chopsticks? Hahaha Jessie looks so cute! 


Dinner time. :) We had loads of food including Pizza, KFC, Curry Puff, Meatballs, Lasagne, Roti Canai, Garlic Bread and more!

I ate kinda fast, so while others were still eating and clearing up the table to get ready for more card games, I sat at the mah jong table building this. LOL

I also had my glass of white wine! Woot. 

I do not know why my hair is still so brown. :/

Ultramans and .... ???

Zheng oh zheng why are you so tall... 

Group Photo!


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