Contraband Movie Review

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Firstly, I would like to thank Nuffnang for the free tickets/passes to the Premiere Screening of Contraband! 
I also met some of the other Nuffnang bloggers there, and again, nice to meet you! :)

I never been to a premiere, it is nothing big but the feeling that you have watched the movie before it is even released in Cinemas feels good. :p 

The Movie

Casts: Kate Beckinsale, Mark Wahlberg, Giovanni Ribisi, Ben Foster.
Duration: 110 mins
Genre: Action, Crime, Drama 

This movie is basically about Chris, whose brother-in-law got involved with a drug lord and has a huge sum of debt to pay due to his own actions. Chris, the main character, finds ways to settle this issue by going to Panama on a ship. This is when the real action begins. However along the way unforeseen problems happen and causes disruptions to Chris' plans.  

My opinion

Personally, the movie is pretty average other than seeing Kate Beckinsale, which I think she's really hot. 
Throughout the movie, I experienced curiosity, excitement, fear, and surprises. Many times I got curious, what will happen next? Will he...? What are they trying to do? Is he...? Which also gave me excitement moments, until I would go "run run run!", for example. I tend to close my eyes for violent scenes, especially when they look so real and sudden! So yes a bit of fear for me, but nothing big. I like how this movie surprised me in a few ways, though some scenes are pretty predictable. I find the first few parts of the movie a little boring and it took a while for the action to start. But anyhow I did not find the movie too draggy, only in the beginning. 

I believe some people may find it boring as compared to other action movies, but as stated in the genre, it is a combination of action, drama, and crime. So please do not expect many action scenes for this movie. 

Over all it was a pretty decent movie, I would give 7/10. Check out the trailer. Movie starts screening on 12 January 2012!

And the ticket collection counter from Nuffnang! 

Thanks Nuffnang again for the 2 free tickets! 

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