D.I.Y Hair Dye for CNY

11:58 PM

For those who know or met me, you guys know that I have light brown hair. But now it is gone! I was actually a little unsure of dying my hair red, maybe because I really really like the brown I had. The brown is actually Medium Blonde, but obviously it didn't turn out blond for me. 

This time I guess I had nothing better to do, I thought of dying my hair red for a change, and also for CNY. The red is not the bright or eye striking red, but rather a more brownish kind of red. 

The dye that I used is Revlon ColorSilk Luminista - Red - 150. I got it at Caring Pharmacy, they had sale, so it was only RM23.90! One thing good about this dye is that it's made for people with dark hair, which would have more colour effect on our Asian hair. 

Usually they only provide 1 packet of Conditioner, but now they have 3! I love their conditioner, it makes my hair really soft, smooth and untangled. Love it! I rate the conditioner 9/10, yes it is that good. 

So this was my hair colour, which I kinda miss right now... :/ But I'm also okay with my current one... haha.... 

I usually leave the dye on for 1 hour, so that the colour will turn out better. I've been doing this for a while now, and I noticed that leaving the dye for 1 hour instead of 20 to 40 minutes made a lot of difference. 

Please excuse my sister behind.... haha but here are some pictures of my hair after. I do not know which is the real colour, because different pictures show different colour. But you can roughly guess how it turned out. 

I put my ends up so you can roughly see the colour at the bottom of my hair. Usually the top part of our hair shows more colour than the ends. I actually applied more at the ends, but oh well still turned out this way. I'm guessing the red will look a little striking when I'm under the sun light.

So yeah this is the colour. If I compare to the model in the box, I guess it is only 60 to 70% similar. But remember that you can never get the same colour you see on the box unless you bleach. So when you buy hair dye, make sure to choose the colour that is slightly lighter than the colour you want. 

Anyhow I've been using Revlon dyes for a while now and I still like them not only because they are more affordable, but also the result I get. 

Rate: 7/10

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  1. The color suits you better than the previous one - and you're pretty :)

  2. Wow. I've been wanting to dye my hair red for while now, but worried that it won't show with my black hair. Thanks for proving me wrong. Now I'm really excited to try this one.

    1. Hey keep in mind that my hair was kinda brown before that, also the dye i used is the Darker hair. So if you get the same Revlon but not catered for darker hair, you might not see the results. :)


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