D.I.Y Manicure for CNY!

11:47 PM

Chloe and I got a Groupon coupon for mani-pedi but they are full until CNY! So annoying! So we decided to try our very own manicure! 

 Last Friday, we met up and went to OU to grab some colours, and the guys followed us, and we went out separate ways. I ended up buying a Mascara which I believe I didn't need? But it was so tempting! There were many times where I saw the mascara but I told myself I don't need it. Anyhow on that Friday I couldn't resist and just bought it! It was on SALE which made me want to buy it more! I will review the mascara soon. So these are the new colours we got. 

All the colours we've got. More like she's got, hahaha....

While doing our nails, Ronya darling was keeping us accompany. Cutest dog I've met, fell for her at first sight. 

The boys?....
 Playing X-Box. 
They didn't even notice I was taking pictures of them. 

I did my toes, it wasn't hard just like normal. But Chloe helped me with my nails, she drew the flowers for me. :)

Fun day I say. :)

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  1. Gong Xi Fa Chai to you and family. :) DIY will save money in future :)

  2. Thanks Beng, yes save quite a lot if you have the skills... haha. Happy CNY to you and your family too!


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