Happy New Year 2012!

10:20 PM

Happy New Year Everybody! 2011 is now history, the good and the bad that happened to us all are now in the past. Some of you may still feel angry with certain people because of what they did in the past. But hey! It is a new year, make some new resolutions and focus on that instead of holding grudges. :) Use your energy and focus on making yourself happier, and your life better, forget about those who did you wrong, because it is a waste of time and energy.

Some may have lost their loved ones, but do not worry because time will heal. Sounds easier said huh? But it is a fact, I've lost my dad is 2010, it was a very emotional and tough situation for me, i almost felt like I could not handle the pain. But now, after 1 year, though I still miss him, and feel a little emotional when I think of him, but I feel stronger than before. Life is always hard, if it is easy it then it won't be called LIFE. Stay strong, continue fighting. Remember that God will not put you through things/situations where you can not handle. God knows you best.

For those who believe in God, since you already believe in God, why are you ignoring his comfort for you when you feel alone? No matter how alone you are, you will never be alone because God will always listen to your prayers. Though he may not respond immediately, but He listens, only He knows best when is the right and best time to respond to your prayers. So keep your faith strong and going!

So again! HAPPY NEW YEAR 2012! Make the best out of yourself for this year!

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