Kissaten @ Jaya 1

11:13 PM

Just now my family and I went to Kissaten @ Jaya 1 to celebrate my brother's birthday in advance. If you read my New Year Eve post, my friends and I went to Kissaten for dinner before we headed down to the bars. In that post, I recommended their Char Siew, and Garlic and Mushrooms Pizza.

Tonight we each ordered our individual meal. Enjoy! :) Oh yes the last time I came here, my friends and I sat upstairs in the open area, this time we sat inside, check out the environment. 

Mango Juice @ RM8.90 - It is pretty thick, sweet, and taste like blended mango. (6.5/10)

Iced Cappuccino @ RM8.90 

 Unagi-don @ RM24.90 - The unagi had quite a few bones, other than that it tasted pretty okay. (7/10)

Shoya Ramen @RM16.90 - Rating (6/10)

 Teriyaki Pork Burger @ RM10.90 - According to my brother he kinda likes it. That's his hands by the way haha! (7/10)
 Miso Ramen Set @ RM22.80 - I like the pork with this Ramen, enhances the taste. (6.5/10)

Katsudon Set @ RM24.80 - The chicken is good, the rice is rich. (7/10)

 Dumplings - Came together with my Miso Ramen set. I didn't really like this one, there was this weird taste that made me feel like puking. (5/10)

Lastly I would like to wish my brother Happy Birthday! :)

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  1. hahaha. i like how ur blog loads rreally fast.

  2. i love kissaten @ ioi boulevard alot :) their kyoza tastes like heaven! LOL

    Latest: From buffet to bubble milk tea; Creative JOGOYA!

  3. @ben - my blog loads fast or your internet connection is fast?

    @fish - ooh isnt it about the same? kyoza, will try that next time, thanks :)


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