Loreal Nutri-Gloss Light Review

2:45 AM

L'oreal Paris Nutri-Gloss Light was one of my choices because like I've mentioned before, I have pretty greasy hair. This shampoo from what I understood was created for people with greasy hair, especially with our Malaysian weather, but at the same time maintain our hair to its natural feel.

The Product
This shampoo is cream based, something like Lux body wash. The smell is average, nothing special. The texture is pretty soapy, so I did not need to use a lot to create the foam for my hair.

My Experience
I was really happy with this shampoo, in fact I was using this shampoo for about 6 months. But after a while I noticed some problems.

1. My boyfriend said my head smelled, it is strange because I wash my hair every day. If i wash my hair in the morning, by evening (sometimes late afternoon) it will start to smell.

2. While I was washing my hair with this product, my hair got tangled. After rinsing, my hair felt a little rough.

3. After washing and conditioning, I had to use this leave on conditioner so that I could comb my hair, if not it'll get really tangled up and difficult to comb. Because of that, I had hair fall due to breakage.

However, the good thing about this shampoo is that, it made my scalp feel clean and less greasy.

Recommendation: 6.5/10

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  1. perhaps it doesnt suits u? haha bf is good to test if ur hair is clean or not huh. haha

  2. @Ben - not anymore ... Haha!
    @Henry - yeah... :)

  3. based on your rating, it is so-so only right? i think using those non-commercial brands would be better for the hair :) try to get some from saloon you visit.

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