Ipoh Chicken Rice @ Bangsar, Lucky Garden

3:45 AM

 On new years day after Church, my family and I went to Lucky Garden for dinner. For some of you who doesn't go Bangsar often, Lucky Garden is opposite Bangsar Village. 

This restaurant is located at the same row as Mahbub mamak, CIMB Bank, Jim's Hardware, and it is at the right side of TMC. It is right opposite of Bangsar Village 1. If you see Mahbub, then you are at the right place, because it is 1 to 2 shops away from Mahbub. 

Jasmine Tea, RM2.00

Apple Juice, it tasted a little salty, like as if they added asam. But still taste pretty okay. 

Some of the promotion for their side dishes other than just chicken rice, and pork balls. 

 Personally the soup was a little too much taste for me, I prefer my soup more mild in taste.
 The chicken was really worth it, and pretty a lot for RM18/half a chicken. Meat was pretty fresh and yummy.

 For side dishes we ordered Lala, cost RM15. I thought maybe it was pretty okay since it's Lala, the quantity was average. But my boyfriend told me that he can get same amount for RM8 in Hartamas. I'm not sure about that, but for me it was pretty okay.

The basic chicken rice meal is usually with tau geh, their tau geh was just average, nothing special.

 This small bowl of vegetables was quite tasty for me, but the portion is really small for RM15. Only has 2 Broccoli, a few pieces pf sotong, and other stuff. This dish is definitely not worth the money. Feel kinda cheated with this dish, haha!
The total bill came up to RM69 including 1 apple juice, 3 jasmine tea, and 1 ice water. Of course including 5 plates of rice, gov tax and service charge. If divided by 5 people, it is about RM13.80 each. If you do not wish to order dishes, just chicken rice individually it is RM4.50 for a plate.

Over all it is pretty average, just don't order that small pot of vegetables. My boyfriend is pretty buff, so he eats more than usual. According to him, he wasn't very full, so if you are expecting to feel full and satisfied, especially when you are a big eater, and not too picky with food, I would suggest to just order the half chicken and it is enough, of course depending on how many people eating. Half chicken probably could feed 2 to 3 people. 

Recommendation: 6/10.

Will I come here again? I would if my family or friends suggest to go, or if i feel like eating steamed chicken. Because most chinese restaurants around Bangsar only sell roasted chicken. Since it is only RM4.50 for a plate of chicken rice, and other chicken rice shops are around the same price, so there is a likely chance that I'll pay another visit. 

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