Reunion Dinner 2012!

3:36 AM

Reunion dinner is one of the most important dinners of the year other than CNY day 1. When I was younger, my cousins or aunts and uncles would come back for reunion dinner no matter how busy they are. It has been about 21 years having our reunion dinners at my father's side family. I can't remember where we went for reunion last year, probably within our small family since my dad passed year before that. Anyhow this year, we had our reunion at my mum's sister's place. Dinner may not have been the super expensive dinners that we've been seeing on our friends' facebook pictures, but I appreciate the people who took the effort to prepare and cook. Dinner was wonderful, they were delicious, and they were filled with care. 

My mum made this, delicious! And I usually dislike mushrooms, but i like this one. 

Spring Roll! Made by my aunt, my sister love this. 

Duck bought from Meat & Co i think, near TMC. 

ABC Soup

Broccoli is one of my fav vege, and I don't really like vege. 

See this people, busy watching tv (Except for the lady in white) while we are busy in the kitchen. Ish... hahaha...

Fake wine for the night, the Pink one taste horrible... taste like shampoo... Eww... and my cousin kept telling my sister to not drink so much, if not she cant wake up tomorrow. And I was like huh? Then her mum told her to not drink so much cause of the sugar, but she said, "why scared I cant wake up tomorrow?" I was like HUH? Then her mum said, "You wake up or not i don't care, just don't drink so much." 

 Prayers before meal


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  1. nice!really a home cooked reunion dinner! =D
    yeahh! pink one like the medicine syrup! we also bought that sparkling juice as wine for the kids to drink! haha

  2. @henry - yeah and I decided to not bring wine for that night, which i kinda regretted... hahaha

    @junfook - :)


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