Switchblade @ Dutamas

12:27 AM

Switchblade is a very chilled out place, with cheap beers, decent food, and shisha! If you're looking for somewhere to chill, have a shisha, I would recommend this place. Of course there are many other restaurants that have shishas, such as mamaks, but I prefer here because of the environment, and the cleanliness. 

Food on the other hand are on the more expensive side. If you wish to order drinks such as can drinks, tea, coffee, etc... I would suggest you to get beer instead (if you drink). Because their beer is so darn cheap! Well for a restaurant at least. :)

Check out some of their food and drinks pricing:

Here are some of their main course.

1. Run Chicken Run @ RM22.90 - Grilled chicken breast in rosemary batter, served with wild mushroom sauce
2. Switchblade Gostoso Chicken @ RM24.90 - Grilled Chicken Breast Layered with Spinach and mash potato.
3. Vinnie Jones Fish and Chips @ RM24.90 - Deep fried fish fillet with tartar sauce and fries. (Like normal fish and chips)
4. Lamb Shoulder @ RM24.90 - Grilled lamb shoulder served with garlic rosemary gravy. Potato wedges  & Salad on the side.

1. Scoop Of Ice Cream RM6.90
2. Switchblade Ice Cream RM7.90
3. LB Creep Suzette RM9.90
4. Six Brownie Bunnies RM14.90

1. Beer - Bottle
- Tiger @ RM9.90
- Guinness @ RM11.90
- Heineken @ RM11.90
- Killkenny @ RM12.90
(Their buckets pricing range is from RM50 to RM63)

2. Slushies - RM8.90
- Mango, Strawberry, Passion Fruit, Mango Peach, Strawberry Passion Fruit, Kiwi

3. Mineral water and Canned Drinks RM5.90

1. Magic Flavour Shisha - RM13.00
2. Shisha Master Premium Flavours - RM15.00
3. Switchblade Dancing Pineapple Shisha - RM18.00
4. Change of Flavour - RM10.00

They have a shop inside, and they have really cool stuffs. 


 Just for your info, that RF Red Mouse you see next to the SALE sign cost RM2,000.00.

Rating: 7.5/10

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