Tom, Dick, & Harry's @ TTDI

5:53 PM

It is my third time coming to this place, and I really like this bar. The food is good, drinks are pretty reasonable, and the environment is pretty 'chillax' and no tax! Another thing I love about this place is that they allow you to bring in pets! I'm not sure if they allow during night when it's crowded, but I saw 2 dogs here once. But that time it was around 7pm and it wasn't packed.

 Just some pictures of this place.

My reason for visiting Tom, Dick and Harry's is Jo-Ann's birthday.


Let the REAL FUN begin!

This is her facial expression after drinking from the bong. 

Other than that, the rest of the night we did mostly chatting, drinking, and some of them played games.  

It was a pretty fun night, met up with some old high school friends that I have not spoken to in a long time. Felt pretty good meeting them again... remembering those days we used to have, the childish things we used to do in school. :)
The waiters are really friendly and nice, and I have to say it again, that I am starting to really like this place. :)

My recommendation: 8/10

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