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As a girly (kinda) girl like me, I can not resist beauty fairs especially when it is by an international company, Mary Kay. I would firstly like to thank my high school friend, Nadrah for inviting me to this fair. Because of this fair, not only did I enjoy myself there, I also saw Azua, another high school friend. It was really good to see them again. 

Registration counter. If you bring 2 or more friends you will get a gift worth RM150, and also an eye shadow. I brought 2 friends of mine, Carmen and Grace, so I got the RM150 gift, will show it at the end of the post. 

So all we needed to do was to get 5 stickers/chops only we can get the free eye shadow. Just go to 5 booths and try out the products, listen to the BC talk and tadha 1 chop/sticker for you. Haha.

So Carmen and I started with the lip stick booth. The first booth was kinda fun because we get to kiss a piece of paper and the shape of our lips will determine what kind of personality we have. Obviously it is not 100% true but it's just for fun. 

At first the lady gave me this scrub texture kind of cream, she said rub on my lower lip and leave it on for 3 minutes, then rinse off. It felt like a facial scrub, and it's white in colour as you can see from the picture. After rinsing, she gave me a lip balm and I just applied like normal.

Thirdly she gave me a lip liner. I felt a little strange that she just gave me a stick like that, because this means that everyone used the lip liner before. But maybe she scrape the top part off, I HOPE. 

After the lip liner, I chose my lip colour. Thankfully she did not just let me use them like normal, she had a brush, so she just brush some of the lip gloss and gave it to me. 


Hahahaha.... I felt weird, but at the same time I thought this was interestingly fun.

So my result.............Divine Diva.

And this is what my personality is. I wouldn't agree 100% that it reflects to my personality, but maybe 70% true?

The next counter, eye make up. 

This is just beautiful...

So the lady showed us the difference between without eye primer, and with. The one on the left has no primer, right has. So this shows that if you use a primer before you apply any eye make up, the colour stands out more and thicker. 

The lady applied pencil liners and liquid and showed us their amazing make up remover. I personally think the make up remover worked like magic, the lady just wiped once and it's gone just like that. 

Love this view. :p

Next we went to the perfume booth, there were 3 types of perfume placed for testing. 

The lady at the booth said this is very nice. But for my friend and I, we thought it was awfully sweet. It smelled really sweet, rich and thick till we didn't bother spraying on ourselves. I didn't even open the cap to smell it, i just smelled the cover and omg. A definite NO!

This one is slightly milder than the first one. It has a sweet vanilla kind of scent, Carmen said it smelled like Paris Hilton. Would I get this? Don't think so, but it is not too bad. 

This one is more towards the sour fruity scent. This is pretty mild, not too strong or thick. But not my kind style.

Next, body scrub, spray, lotion, mist.

My friend tried the scrub and lotion. 

Scrub, scrub, scrub, then rinse off and apply the lotion.

Can you see the difference? Her right hand (without watch) is the one where she scrubbed and applied lotion.

We did skip a few booths cause there were just too many people. But my friend went for this one, the usual cleanse, tone, and moisturize. My friend was given a cream to try for pimples, she said that if your face feels itchy means it's working. Firstly, why would I want to apply products that'll make my skin feel uncomfortable even if I know it's getting rid of my pimple?

Next, another facial cleanser booth, this BC here really knows her stuff which is good. She could tell your skin type by just looking at you, and she speaks fluent English. Best of all she knew how to entertain us, she was friendly and she made some jokes. 

So this was the product that we all tried. 


She then sprayed some mist on our hand, told us to rub it, then she gave us cotton pad to clean it.


Can you see the difference? My left hand (with watch) is brighter than right! Hehe.

So after completing 5 booths, we finally redeemed our goody. Choose from these 4 colours, Grace, Carmen and I took Purple! Lol maybe because it is the safest colour. Besides I'm not really into bright Blues. 

I just randomly tried a little by applying on my hand, it is pretty visible, which is good. :)

So this is the goody that's worth RM150. I don't think I need it right now? I'm not sure if I should keep it or sell it though. I am only 23 this year, don't think I should be applying this so soon? 

I have not open this AT ALL just in case I want to sell it off, so I do not know how it's like inside. 

So so, should I sell or keep? Please suggest! :)

This is the door gift.

Now that we are at the end, I would like to conclude that it was an over all fun experience. I was a little disappointed with the goody bag gift because it is not something I can use now, and I thought I would get a set of eye shadows with blusher and lip stick that ended up to RM150.00. But it's okay, at least I got something right? Anyways again, need your suggestion, should I sell the line reducer or keep till I need it? Again I am only turning 23 this year! Also they did not state the expiry date. 

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