Board Games @ Mage Cafe (next to old Atria)

1:09 AM

Heard of this place? It's a cafe that specializes with board games, but at the same time they provide food. They have a variety of board games, if you are unsure which game to play, they would recommend you. A quick look of how this place looks like. 

Firstly we need to fill up our tummies before we can actually think/play. This one was pretty good, Mage Fried Rice i think. (7/10)

Ramyuen. (6/10)

Ramyuen as well but friend style. Like Maggi goreng. This one was quite good too. (7/10)

Honestly I wasn't very happy with this one not because of the portion, but the taste. I expected the sauce to be thicker and creamier mushroom sauce rather than just like that. Oh well how much can you expect for something that costs RM7.90 right? (6/10)

The games we played.

This one was pretty fun, unfortunately I died pretty quick. I got killed! :( But it looks kinda fun when I was watching my friends play after I died. (7/10)

Okay at first we all thought this game was kinda boring. But is because we didn't really get the game, and though it's just gambling (somewhat is like gambling). But after playing few rounds it got a bit more fun. (6/10)

Last game of the night was Scrabbles Party. Basically this game there's a timer. You twist that red thing there all the way to 4X, push it down and the clock starts ticking. There's a dice where you throw/roll and whatever letter/alphabet you see, your word has to have that letter in it. So yeah gotta think fast. It is fun in a way because it is exciting, but the downfall is that you can't really think properly and create bombastic words which some people prefer that. So for this game it really depends on individual.

The fee for this place is RM3/hour.
If you eat there, it is RM5 flat rate. 

This place is next to Atria that is no longer there. But if you know where's Atria, you can roughly find the place. :) 

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  1. Hi, e are a new board games cafe in TTDI, KL. How do I request for a review?

    Hobby N Coffee Board Games Cafe
    Free unlimited board games usage, no entrance fee, no hourly rates. Just order a cup of coffee/tea. Also serve the best Italian coffee in town that comes along with cute latte art.

    Address: 1st Floor, 12 Jalan Mohd Fuad 2, Taman Tun Dr Ismail, 60000 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
    Tel: 03-7731 6602

    Opens: 10.15 AM to 11.30 PM Thu to Sun only



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