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2:05 AM

Call me crazy, but I used RM50 of the voucher and got these magazines! So yes the total for five of these magazines is closed to RM50, had some extra left bought pens with that. I enjoy reading magazines, but I can't afford to buy them every month, so now is the chance for me to buy them! Left RM150 now, probably will buy some books. Hehe!

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  1. lol! so now u know all the celebrity news? =p
    or u get to know the latest fashion from the celebrity? haha

    1. I was more interested in fashion mag, but to make it reach 50, bought the hot mag... haha.

  2. bought 5 magazines at once is really crazy @@ LOL =P have fun reading it =)

  3. After you are done with them, can I browse thru? Hehe..

  4. not crazy la.. i used to collect some magazines too when younger.. FHM XD haha

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