Bubble Gum Wax @ Plaza Damas. Sri Hartamas

7:37 PM

So the other day I visited Bubble Gum Wax at Plaza Damas, Sri Hartamas because I bought a Groupon voucher for wax! It is pretty affordable if you purchase from Groupon comparing with their original price. But sadly discount vouchers like this usually only applicable for first-timers. 

A quick view of the place. Design of this place is pretty cozy and kind of girly, maybe it's because of the pink, and the way this place is designed. 

The service is good, the girl who did my wax for me was really nice and friendly. 

The price list for their waxes. Basically this place does a full body wax. 

 The products available for after wax. One thing I like about this place is that they did not try to sell me products to maintain my skin after. So that's a plus point. Overall this is a pretty nice place, the girl was friendly, and I kind of like it here, that's why I decided to share this place with you guys. :) Do know that this is not for women only, for men as well. :)

Service: 4/5

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  1. wax?! wow no thanks! i scared!
    yup! its good when they dun keep promoting the products!

  2. @Houhousek - depends how much hair you've got. If thick confirm pain. Hahahahha...

  3. HI Josarine, am interested to do my back waxing..can i check with you...is there any side effect after waxing treatment?

    1. Hi there, side effects varies depending on which area and individual. If you have sensitive skin, most probably you will experience some itchiness. But they have some products for after wax, especially if you have sensitive skin which you have to buy.


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