Girlfriend Gets Tattoo of Her Boyfriend After One Week - 9GAG

11:35 PM

This was posted on Facebook by my friend Emmy, when I saw this, I had to share it with everyone. I am speechless!

PS: A very long post this time, so make sure you've got time for this. But it is so worth the read!

Personally, I think it was really stupid of her to tattoo a guy who she just met for one to two weeks. I won't even tattoo my husband's face, name, etc. 

The comments that made me go !@#$#!%#!:

"OMG You're so devoted! Austin's really lucky to have you Sara, you're so sweet." !@#$%^&*. When I read this comment I was like "you gotta be kidding me".

"Thanks Maria, it hurt, but love can hurt too" -_-

But I love the part when the guy starts commenting,  now that's funny. 

Not to be mean to the girl, because I know it must have hurt a lot for her emotionally, but I do not know what in the world was she thinking seriously. I am really speechless. 

Another dumb thing was arguing this in public, when the guy actually offered to talk in private. I'm pretty sure the reason why he wanted to talk in private was to save her from embarrassment seeing that she already embarrassed herself so much. But noooo... she even asked, "what's wrong if we talk here?".... !@#!$!#$#!%#. 

Pure stupidity.  


After seeing stuff like this it is only natural that we react the way we did, but anyhow this is proven to be FAKE. (Thanks Charissa for giving the heads up in my comments, that I did research of it.)

Anyhow they did a good job in getting our attention. 

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  1. hmmm, definitely too stupid to do it! if my gf does that, i think i would have the same reaction too. =S

  2. @ken - mmmhmmm
    @henry - if my bf did that I would first think its sweet of him, then scold him after.

  3. I rather get a tattoo of a turtle with wings.

  4. Hehe it's a facebook prank actually. By Austin Knill. The girl, Sara, is fictional.
    Can't imagine this happening to anyone in real life. Lol.

  5. You didn't give props to the best comment on the whole thread:

    "My children's children will be hearing about this"

    I rofled hard!


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