Let's Eat @ Publika

9:27 PM

Unfortunately, most of the restaurants at Publika are kind of pricey, not to mention there aren't many restaurants open yet. So the other day my friends and I went to the Food Village, let's eat a.k.a Food Court. 

A quick view of roughly how this place looks.

I had the Dry Chili Pan Mee @RM7+, around there. Look at the queue for the Pan Mee.

My friend Isabel said it's not bad, but James said it's a little tasteless. But for me, I thought it was alright, maybe because I don't like food that's too salty. (2/5)

Rojak RM6.90. A little spicy for me, but they had sotong, so yum. Haha. (2.5/5)

One thing, the people here are strangely rude, and I have no idea why. The workers, and even the customers are rude. Feels like the people never learn manners here. The person who sold me the pan mee acted and spoke to me like he's the boss and i'm the worker. There was this lady who was blocking my bf's way, and he said excuse me, she didn't move. He kept saying excuse me, then she turned around, and stared at his food. She also stared at mine when she walked passed me. From my perception, she's in her own world, caring about herself only, what to eat? Let's look at other people's food, and not aware of whether she's blocking people, or it's rude to stare. If you are walking pass or staring from far, it's fine, but she stopped next to my table and stared. 

One more thing, my friend was sitting at our table so other people wouldn't take our place. Then this lady with a drink sat at our table. My friend stared at her for a bit thinking why is she sitting here? Then she said, don't worry I'll leave after I finish my drink. If she spoke nicely, it's fine, but she wasn't really polite, and the funny thing is, a table right next to ours is empty, just that there are bowls there. 

Rate: 1.5/5

If you are having a bad, don't go here, it'll make your mood worse. 

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  1. oooh it was that bad? ><.. have only been there once. Heard the kin kin thing is kinda nice.

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    1. Yeah personally for me the pan mee was nice... but something is just wrong with the people la. hahahah


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