Make Up for Valentine's Day

11:19 PM

 Hello! Valentine's Day is tomorrow and I know to some people this day is a big deal. Whereas to others it is just another day. Personally for me, it is not a very important day, but because of the bandwagon, it is nice to get something on this day.

So here is a make up that I put together for Valentine's Day, it is something simple and not too much, but of course it is obvious. I chose a more Brownish shimmery colour, and Brown is usually a very safe colour. The reason why I chose Brown instead of other striking colours such as Blue, Purple, Green, etc is because I do not want to over do my look for Valentine's day. 

Some of my guy friends, in fact most of my guy friends dislike girls with TOO MUCH MAKE UP. My boyfriend thinks that too much make up make girls' faces look like monkey's backside. Of course unless special occasion, or going out for parties, clubs, a little more make up than usual wouldn't hurt since you will be in the dark, and gotta always be ready for the camera. :p 

So the two pictures above are taken without flash and below are with flash.

So here are the products I used for my whole face.

The colours I used for my eyes are from ELF Everyday Palette. The four colours in a square. 

Eyeliner from Kate, Black.

Face Powder, Maybelline BB Silk Cake Powder.
Concealer from Silky Girl. Looks kinda like an eye brightener as well.

Maybelline's Hyper Sharp Liner, Black.

Maybelline Water Shine, Colour code C22.

I used this Lip Balm/Blusher for the cheeks. Just like olden day, people would use lip sticks for blusher.

I applied the lip balm/blusher on my cheek just once, and then I spread them out in circular motion.

See! It isn't as Red as you think it'll turn out. :)

As for the lashes, I used Maybelline's Magnum Brown Mascara for this picture. But I think I'll be using the Maybelline's Falsies Volume Mascara. 

So yeap this will be my look for tomorrow night. :)

Seee.... It doesn't look too much, simple and nice. :)

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