Movie Review: Chronicle (2012)

1:50 AM

Before I begin my review I would to like thank Nuffnang again for the tickets to the premiere of Chronicle. :)

I also would like to thank Benjamin Foo from for helping me collect the tickets! :)

Movie: Chronicle (2012)
Duration: 83 mins
Casts: Dane Dehaan, Alex Russel, Michael B. Jordan, Michael Kelly, Ashley Hinshaw, Anna Wood...
Genre: Action, Drama, Horror

When I first saw the trailer I thought "hmm looks normal, doesn't look that interesting" but hey I was wrong. The movie started with Andrew (Dane Dehaan) and his camera. Basically Andrew records everyday of his life, whether with friends, going out for parties, being teased by others, he will always bring his camera with him. Andrew has a cousin, Matt (Alex Russel) who gives him a ride to school everyday, in a way they are pretty close. One night they found the hole as you see in the trailer below, also the night they met Steve (Michael B. Jordan) and that's when three of their lives changed. The rest of the movie shows how their life changed, and the crazy things that happen along the way. It is a good movie, do check it out. 

For me, this movie did not bore me much, maybe just for a few seconds at the beginning. I find the story line pretty interesting and also unpredictable in some scenes. There were a few shocking scenes for me, and there were also some funny scenes. The funny parts for this movie aren't like those comedies where they say stupid or lame lines, and show lame faces kind of funny, instead it is more to verbal, the things they say. 

So yeah I do recommend this movie, like I've mentioned earlier, I thought the movie was going to be pretty normal and nothing great, but don't expect so much from this movie cause of my review, I'm just saying it is a pretty good movie.

I would rate 8/10 :)

The ticket collecters/checkers, don't know what they are called tore my nice tickets! I don't like them for that! :(

 Anyways, end of my review, hope you guys enjoy the movie. :D

Check out the trailer. 

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  1. So u think this is a good movie? hehe not bad :)

  2. @kian - yeah i think it is pretty good... :)

  3. ooo, i had a wtf moment at the ending.. was excited in the beginning when they flew around, then lame in the middle.. then during the car throwing and stuff, I felt it became sad again.. no happy endings to this film ><

  4. @isaac - yeah unfortunately no happy ending. But i think the movie is not bad maybe cause i expected worse from it? Cause i dont even know who are the actors, but the tragic and stuff made it kinda interesting i guess. :)


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