Palate Palette @ Changkat

12:15 AM

Palate Palette is a western restaurant which serves more than just pasta, but their specialty is pasta I believe. PP is a bar restaurant which serves not only good food but also alcohols such as beer, wine, cocktails, and other alcoholic drinks. The environment of this restaurant is a mixture of Brazil cafe or bar, and our own Malaysian style. (My opinion)

The quality of the food I would say it's pretty average. It is not something to "Wow" about, but non the less some of the food is pretty good. 

This is the Carbonara, for me it taste different from the usual Carbonara we eat, another way to compare, it taste different from Delicious. For me it was a little too milky, but different people different taste. Personally I prefered Delicious Carbonara over this because I could taste milk in this Carbonara. (2.5/5)

The Pesto Bolognese is not bad, but nothing special. How different can a bolognese taste right? (2.5/5)

Egg Sandwich, comes with wedges and some coleslaw. I didn't try this, but my friend rated it (2.5/5)

Something Olio, not sure if it's the Aglio Olio. The noodle is pretty plain, and my friend said it tasted like Chinese noodles. (2/5)

My apologies! Because this pictures were taken quite a while ago, so I can't remember the name of this dish, BUT it is Lamb... Yummy right? The taste is good, but portion is too small, not worth it for what you're paying for. Taste = 3/5, Portion = 1.5/5

Alright! Now that the review is done, time to see happy faces!

Not very happy faces here though, hahaha candid shot, and we were hungry so yeah. 

Isabel! She is SOOOO CUTEEEE!

OMG I wanna cubit here, so cute! Love her bubbly personality. 

He liked the Carbonara though, so yeah different people different taste. I prefer the usual Carbonara from Delicious and other restaurants. 

After dinner and before Zouk, we went for a walk and we saw how beautiful the KLCC actually looks at night.

Looks kinda metallic too.

Erm... I have no idea why we took this picture other than for fun. Haha.

Check out the guy behind us, he was dancing really funny that night, like REALLY funny

Simon I think, bought us extra shots after the Tequila.

The rest of the night is just the usual clubbing, so this is the end of my review for Palate Palatte and the extra pictures.

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