A Simple Friday Night (4 J's)

2:17 AM

My day started with a period cramp, how awesome right? I woke up feeling lethargic like as if I'm down with fever, but I definitely wasn't. So I just chilled at home, till dinner time I went out for dinner with James, Jessie, and Jason at this dim sum place in Jalan Ipoh. Thousand of apologies as I forgot the name of the restaurant, but I do remember is "batu tiga" or something. A shop before this restaurant is a pharmacy with a HUGE Panadol Logo. I'm guessing the pharmacy is sponsored by Panadol. The shop at the left side of Panadol Pharmacy is another dim sum place I think, or was it steamboat can't remember. But anyways if you see the picture, before the dim sum place there's a "Communications & Multimedia Sdn. Bhd" so just look out for that, the Panadol sign, and the Batu Tiga.

Sorry if the picture is a little blurry, my hand was shaking out of hunger.

Yummm, now that I'm blogging I feel like eating this again.

Siew Mai! One of my favourites. 

Chinese Tea at that time tasted so good... we were so hungry. 

After dinner, we headed to KL Pac, just for a walk and to look around. 

Pssst..... check out the hot guy standing there. 

We are in a tunnel! We are going to the future...... or past?

Anyways this is the office, so haha other than the tunnel, nothing much.

After KL Pac, we went to KTZ at SS2. It was a full house considering we had to wait outside for seats. But thank God we didn't have to wait for long, we only waited for like one to two minutes, Haha!

ALOT of people ordered this, Mango. Almost every table I saw ordered this for cold desserts. So I believe this is highly recommended. 

Tong Yuen! Love them since young(er), but it's been a while since I had them. It was satisfying, the ball was kinda huge too. RM1.50 per ball, I ordered 3 only and I was full already. 

Kiwi! The Kiwi was a little too sour for my taste.

So yeah this was our simple Friday night, after that we just headed home, but anyhow we had fun. :)

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  1. haha altho u started with a bad period cramp, but u ended the day with fun, especially the desserts! =DDD

  2. Haha yeah but I didnt drink cold drinks.... :)

  3. OMG! the desserts look delicious! drink more warm water if u have bad period cramp btw! :)

  4. Hahaha it's at KTZ... :) Yeah that's why I only had the tong yuen. :)


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